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Vulcan Pro Set Battleworn

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Size: 15" + 12"

Vulcan Pro - Set Battleworn

A custom batch with character.

Designed in partnership with aerospace and structural engineers to deliver mind-blowing performance. The result is a brand-new Carbon tube, woven to perfection for a 21% increase in stiffness and better vibration dampening with the help of a refined internal damper.

The Vulcan Pro keeps the same sleek look and feel to minimize wind drag and is now available for the first time with our more elegant 1oz Grip-It weight. 

The Aircraft Grade Aluminium endcaps now get engraved logos and are coated in a durable matt black Battleworn Cerakote finish. The Vulcan Pro makes use of a 5/16" Thread for easy weight removal or addition to perfect your bow's balance.

The Net weight of each stabilizer below is given with the 3oz of Grip-it weights included with each stabilizer:


grams (approx)


15" Vulcan pro

220g 7.7oz

12" Vulcan pro

205g 7.2oz

10" Vulcan pro

189g 6.6oz

8" Vulcan pro

178g 6.2oz

6.5" Vulcan pro




Each Vulcan Pro comes with:

  • 3oz of grip-it weights (3 x 1oz)
  • Cerakoted end caps and weights with custom Battleworn finish.
Size: 15" + 12"