Vero Sidebar mount

Attach a rear stabilizer to your bow, and get your bow upright. Designed for tournament archery, rocked by hardcore bow hunters in the backcountry. Unlock your bows’ performance. 


Integrated QD

Save time in the field

Setup time got a whole lot shorter with an integrated quick disconnect system

Quick Disconnect

On and off in seconds

Effortless Adjustments

Laser Engraved Indicators

Precision left-right adjustments made possible from a more accessible angle. All laser marks are space 5º apart.

Left Right Adjustments

Rear Stabilizer Adjustment marks on a more accessible position for more precise adjustments.

Drop Stopper Shelf

Lock it against the riser

The Vero 3 Features a new U-slot to mount the Vero flush against the riser, making a more robust setup for the toughest hunts. The Vero 3 is also ambidextrous and can also be mounted to the front of the bow.


With the Vero 3 Mounted against the riser you'll be sure to have the most robust setup for the toughest hunts.