Dentro Set - Quattro Archery

Dentro Set

Stone Grey
OD Green
Quattro Coyote
Carbon Black
Copper Canyon
Wood Type

Dentro Set

A package designed if you already have a sidebar mount.

The Dentro's lengths are optimized for maximum stability without giving up the maneuverability you need in the field.

A simple yet sleek design featuring some of the deadliest damping properties in the industry. As primitive as it may look, so it is advanced. The Dentro is perfect for balancing your rig and reducing excess noise and vibration for the most crucial moments in the field. The Dentro is now also available with Cerakoted components in seven new colors for added durability.

The Dentro is also weatherproof and can be used in wet/cold conditions.

O.D. Green is developed to be a close match to the Mathews Ambush and Hoyt Wilderness green and will also compliment camo patterns such as Kuiu Verde 2.0 and Under Armour Ridge Reaper Forest

Tan is developed to complement PSE Tan and Prime Ridge Rock but can also work with Sitka Optifade Subalpine and Kuiu Valo camo.

Quattro Coyote is our custom Cerakote mix to match the New Hoyt Buckskin and Bowtech FDE.

Stone Grey is made to blend in with PSE Charcoal & Mathews Stone grey.

Lunar is our custom Cerakote mix for a perfect match with the new Mathews Granite color.

Copper Canyon is our Custom Cerakote mix for Hoyt's Bourbon. 

A "Set Package" includes: 1 x Front stabilizer and 1 x Sidebar in the length of your choice (The Set Excludes the Vero Mount)

Each Dentro stabilizer includes 2 x 1.5oz grip-it weights.

Net weight: 

12" 260g 9.1oz
9" 230g 8.1oz
6.5" 213g 7.3oz


Quick Disconnects are sold separately

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