About us

At Quattro, we often compare archery with surgery. In both cases, precision movements have to be made to get to the desired result, where archery is just over longer distances and probably a bit less fatal when mistakes creep in.
After having tried and tested every available stabilizer brand, we clearly realized that the current stabilizers on the market were not capable of contributing to the precision performance we needed to excel above our competitors. Instead of hoping that someone will build it someday, we decided to get to work and design it ourselves, the way we wanted it. The result after numerous iterations and refinements on our prototype was something that made an immediate difference to the feel and the performance of archers, with the best part, the smiles we got back.
We liked it so much and wanted to share, what we have built, with everyone in the world by making it available for sale to the public. We believe we have breached the gap that we were experiencing .
We truly stand behind every product we make and promised ourselves that we would only make it available for sale if it can contribute to and lift an archer's performance.


Stabilizers built for the Toughest Conditions


Designed for consistency and perfect performace