Taurus Pro Front bar


Due to high demand, All Vulcan Pro and Taurus pro stabilizers will be built in early January and sent out by 15-20 January

Taurus Pro

Our slimmest stabilizer yet. Woven from ultra-high modulus carbon fibe to give you an edge in the wind with its slim 18mm outer diameter to deliver on an unmatched stabilizing experience. The Taurus Pro is designed to reduce both vibration and movement, caused by the excess energy of the bow during the shot, improving consistency which goes hand and hand with accuracy.

The Taurus Pro is available in three different lengths to choose from, to build the ultimate target stabilizer system.

In the Box:

  • 1 x 1" 5/16" Grubscrew for weights
  • A complimentary stabilizer sleeve with each stabilizer

*Weights sold separately 

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