Vulcan pro Full Package


All Vulcan Pro orders will be shipped before 18 September 2020 🏹

Built to work together. The Vulcan Pro is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Vero mount.

A stabilizer designed with target spec performance but built for bowhunters seeking more stability and accuracy over longer distances in the field. The Vulcan pro offers a smaller diameter (approx 18mm) for less wind resistance and woven together for the perfect blend between vibration damping and stiffness. Lightweight aluminium end caps, now more durable than ever. Cerakote graphite black and make use of 5/16" thread for easy weight removal or addition to perfect your bow's balance.

Each Vulcan Pro comes with:

  • 3oz of grip-it weights (1 x 2oz + 1 x 1oz)
  • Complimentary stabilizer sleeve
  • Cerakoted ends and weights

The Full package will include:

  • Vero mount (Matched Graphite Black Cerakote) *sold without eyebolt
  • Two stabilizers in the length of choice


*Vero mount pictures to be updated soon

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