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Vilago Full Package

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Size: 15" + 12"
Color: Lunar Sand


Micro Diameter with Macro performance. 

The Vilago gets a specially designed carbon fibre tube constructed from Aero-space carbon, woven together in a special formation for an ultra-high strength construction to perform over a wide range of vibration frequencies. The vibration gets soaked up with a new 3-stage internal damping system for a soft and silky smooth feel. 

The new micro diameter reduces wind drag, setting you up for the perfect opportunity and increasing consistency and repeatability in the most challenging conditions. 

With its sleek profile, the Vilago weighs up to 30% less than its closest rival, shifting weight away from the bow and helping to counter any movement during the shot execution further increasing stability and repeatability and forgiveness.

Beautifully durable, the Vilago is Cerakoted in five Unique colors for solid protection and an unmatched finish on Aircraft grade Aluminium utilizing a 5/16"  thread for easy weight removal or addition to perfect your bow's balance.


- Lengths Measured from endcap to endcap (Length excludes weights)
- American made Space Grade carbon and custom High-Performance Carbon Weave
- Cerakote Finishes
- 15mm/0.59" Diameter
- Robust 5/16" weight system
- Internal Damping

The Net weight of each stabilizer below is given without the 3oz of Grip-it weights included with each stabilizer:


grams (approx)


15" Vilago

110g 3.8oz

12" Vilago

97g 3.31oz

10" Vilago

85g 2.9oz

8" Vilago

75g 2.6oz

6" Vilago




O.D. Green is developed to be a close match to the Mathews Ambush and Hoyt Wilderness green and will also compliment camo patterns such as Kuiu Verde 2.0 and Under Armour Ridge Reaper Forest

Tan is developed to complement PSE Tan and Prime Ridge Rock but can also work with Sitka Optifade Subalpine and Kuiu Valo camo.

Quattro Coyote is our custom Cerakote mix to match the New Hoyt Buckskin and Bowtech FDE.

Stone Grey is made to blend in with PSE Charcoal & Mathews Stone Grey.

Lunar Sand is our custom Cerakote mix for a perfect match with the new Mathews Granite color.

Copper Canyon is our Custom Cerakote mix for Hoyt's Bourbon

 Each Vilago comes with:

  • 3oz of grip-it weights (2 x 1.5oz) / (3 x 1oz)
  • Cerakoted end caps and weights

The Full package will include:

  • A color-matched Vero Sidebar mount
  • Two stabilizers in the length of choice

*Quick Disconnects are sold separately

Size: 15" + 12"
Color: Lunar Sand