Vulcan pro

Stone Grey
OD Green
Carbon Black

Vulcan Pro

A target spec stabilizer purposely built for bowhunters.

The Vulcan Pro is the ultimate stabilizer for hunters needing to make the longer shots count. Every. Single. Time. Borrowing components from our proven Taurus pro target stabilizer platform, the Vulcan Pro does just that. 

The Vulcan Pro’s carbon tube is woven to deliver the same vibration and sound dampening properties as much shorter and larger diameter stabilizers, all whilst cutting through the wind with its sleek profile and keeping your hunting rig on target during, and most importantly, after the shot. For the first time, the Vulcan Pro features our internal damper technology for a true dead in-hand feel and tucking all the fuzz away inside the stabilizer to maintain a sleek profile with our signature carbon weave.

Aircraft-grade aluminium end caps, now more durable than ever. Cerakoted in a variety of colours that makes use of 5/16" thread for easy weight removal or addition to perfect your bow's balance.

The Net weight of each stabilizer below is given with the 3oz of Grip-it weights included with each stabilizer:


grams (approx)


15" Vulcan pro

232.2g 8.19oz

12" Vulcan pro

216.9g 7.65oz

10" Vulcan pro

189.7g 6.69oz

8" Vulcan pro

178.3g 6.28oz

6.5" Vulcan pro




O.D. Green is developed to be a close match to the Mathews Ambush and Hoyt Wilderness green and will also compliment camo patterns such as Kuiu Verde 2.0 and Under Armour Ridge Reaper Forest

Tan is developed to be a close match to the PSE tan and also compliments Sitka Optifade Subalpine, Kuiu Valo camo and First Lite Fusion.

FDE (Flat Dark Earth) is developed to work with BowTech FDE, Kuiu Valo, Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren and both Sitka Subalpine & Optifade Elevated II and First Lite Fusion

Stone Grey is made to blend in with Mathews Stone grey.

Lunar is our custom Cerakote mix for a perfect match with the new Mathews Granite color.

 Each Vulcan Pro comes with:

  • 3oz of grip-it weights (2 x 1.5oz)
  • Cerakoted end caps and weights

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