Quattro Archery

Vulcan Pro Windbars / LTD Topo

Size: 17.5"
Color: OD Green

Vulcan Pro Topo special edition

The Topo limited run features a unique seamless design engraved into the end caps of each stabilizer.

The Vulcan pro is now available in 3 new lengths for long-range shots, TAC events and summer 3D shoots. 

Designed in partnership with aerospace and structural engineers to deliver mind-blowing performance. The result is a brand-new Carbon tube, woven to perfection for a 21% increase in stiffness and better vibration dampening with the help of a refined internal damper.

The Vulcan Pro keeps the same sleek look and feel to minimize wind drag and preserve performance and unmatched vibration-dampening properties. 

The Aircraft Grade Aluminium endcaps now get engraved logos and are coated in a durable matt black Cerakote finish to match any bow. The Vulcan Pro makes use of a 5/16" Thread for easy weight removal or addition to perfect your bow's balance.

The Net weight of each stabilizer below is given with the 4.5oz of Grip-it weights included with each stabilizer:


grams (approx)


17.5" Vulcan pro

298g 10.51oz

20" Vulcan pro

313g 11.04oz

23" Vulcan pro




O.D. Green is developed to be a close match to the Mathews Ambush and Hoyt Wilderness green, Prime Morel and will also compliment camo patterns such as Kuiu Verde 2.0, Under Armour All-season, Firstlite Specter. 

Stone Grey is made to blend in with PSE Charcoal & Mathews Stone grey.

Lunar Sand is our custom Cerakote mix for a perfect match with the new Mathews Granite color and also compliments Sitka Optifade Elevated II

Copper Canyon is our Custom Cerakote mix for Hoyt's Bourbon. 

Each Vulcan Pro comes with:

  • 4.5oz of grip-it weights (3 x 1.5oz)
  • Cerakoted end caps and weights with custom Topo engraving
  • Premium Cotton Canvas Stabilizer sleeve
Size: 17.5"
Color: OD Green