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This is a page dedicated to the feedback we get from our customers

G Neblo

Not only am I impressed with the performance but these stabilizers are beautiful to the eye! I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the communication and involvement you showed in the process of getting these over to the states as well as upgrading the shipping to get them here in time for Thursday night league shoot! Everywhere I go I have people asking me about them and I am not hesitant at all to send them to this company! Great product, great service! 

AJ Iaquinta - Knights of the Apex

Quattro stabilizers outperform in every regard. The Dentro with it's beautiful wood grain and custom engraving options is as unique a piece of gear as you can put on your bow. The Vulcans, with their overlaid carbon fiber look like a part for a hyper car rather than a piece of archery equipment. Both stabilizers do their job and do them well. Simply put, Quattro stabilizers look striking, hold weight and kill vibration with the best of them and they do it at a price point that will appear shockingly low once you have them in your hands.

KOTA Website

Jim Vandeveld

I first heard about their stabilizers through @knightsoftheapex - the aesthetic caught my eye ... clean, no frills or silly dampeners, BLACK. And, extremely affordable compared to what I’ve purchased in the past. I hit them up through Instagram for some information, and had a great conversation with the owner, @hannodk - that sealed the deal for me, and i placed my order last week. Hailing from South Africa, shipping took about a week (understandably) and I was met with a dope, hand written note and some killer canvas storage. @hmc.knives 

T. Samuelson

“hands down the best stabilizer I have ever shot. I have been bow hunting 40 years”

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