Dentro 6.5"


The Dentro, made from solid wood!

The 6.5" is a length is for the bowhunters seeking an ultra-compact set-up or a shorter sidebar.

A simple yet sleek design featuring some of the deadliest damping properties in the industry. As primitive as it may look, so it is advanced. The Dentro is perfect for balancing your rig and reducing excess noise and vibration for the most crucial moments in the field. No camo needed, this is already part of nature.

The Dentro is all weatherproof and can be used in wet/cold conditions combined if needed.

Includes: 1 x 1oz & 1 x 2oz  grip-it weights with 5/16” thread + a complimentary stabilizer sleeve.

Contains 2 internal dampers

Net weight: 210g (7.4oz)

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