Custom Dentro 11"

The Dentro is now customizable...

For the first time ever we let you customize the Dentro with your own species hit list. This will feature as a time capsule, always with you, everywhere you go, to remind you of all the adventures endured. Each time you tag something out, you fill the species name on the stabilizer completing your bucket list one step at a time!

The custom Dentro allows you to choose what and how many species you want to include on your stabilizer with a personal touch like your name.

The Dentro 11" can take up to 32 different entries limited to 22 Characters each, with no minimum amount of entries required.

Above you'll find some inspiration on what has been done before but, you are not limited to that only... If you want something totally different, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to bring your vision to life.

NOTE*: once you have ordered the custom Dentro, we will come back to you with a design rendering that should be approved by the customer before starting the build of your new stabilizer. Quattro Archery will not be held responsible for any spelling mistakes on the submission form. Spelling mistakes can still be corrected afterward with the design rendering confirmation.


Includes: 1 x 1oz & 1 x 2oz  grip-it weights with 5/16” thread + complimentary stabilizer sleeve.

Houses 2 internal dampers

Net weight: 260g (9.17oz)


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