Danelle takes Gold in Antalya, Turkey stage 3

Danelle takes Gold in Antalya, Turkey stage 3

May 27, 2019 2 Comments

It was an awesome match to watch our very own Pro-Staff, Danelle Wentzel, shoot for the Gold medal this past weekend. Between fuzzy internet connections and the shear adrenaline by only cheering our team mate, made it one to remember forever.

If you are an archer competing in the World Archery series tournaments, this is what you work towards. The moment before going on stage with the cameras in your personal space. It is something to dream of. The stunning venue, the crowd, and your bow between you and the target.

The buzzer goes off, and suddenly it's game on! No holding back now. You are now more hungry than you'll ever be in your life. Your stomach feels upside down and the blood is circulating at a crazy speed. Mixed emotions is an understatement. But Danelle had everything under control, well at least that is what it looked like. Calm and collected, she is in her natural habitat. This is where she belongs.

Up against the Famous Alexis Ruiz from the USA with a good reputation. Alexis had all the stats in her favour, but Danelle proved otherwise.

Danelle and Alexis draws equal with the first end. We knew it was going to be tight.

The second end came and went in a flash, and Danelle takes the lead.

The 3rd round Alexis was back in the game although it was far from over with just 1 point behind now.

The 4th round Danelle extended it again and kept the door closed

The last end is always a make or break round doesn't matter how far you lead, but Danelle followed with an exceptional round to seal the deal for the Gold medal. It is a dream come true for her. Making her the 1st women in South Africa to take an individual gold medal at the World Archery outdoor stage.

We are very proud of her and we are looking forward to the rest of the season for our whole team.

All picture credits goes to World Archery.

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